Space Calculator

Whether you are expanding or contracting you need to know how much space you need in sq ft /sq m in order to identify your search range and approximate costs.

Space calculator

Similarly, you need to know your workplace strategy and proportion of staff homeworking at any one time etc.

This space calculator will assist you in matching your spatial needs as a menu of options with your own estimate of space required.

We have teamed up with who would be please to undertake a test – fit on your behalf and undertake design and space planning.

Space TypeDescriptionRequiredSubtotal
Open Plan OfficesSpace per personNo of Workstations Average Density : 50 sq ftsq ft
Individual OfficesSpace per officeManager Office Desk with 2 person meeting table : 150 sq ftsq ft
Director Offices Desk with 4 person meeting table, space per office. : 225 sq ftsq ft
Front of HouseSmall Reception AreaReception Desk and/or seating 2-4 : 300 sq ftsq ft
Medium Reception AreaReception Desk and seating 4-6 : 400 sq ftsq ft
Large Reception AreaReception Desk and seating for 6-8 and breakout area : 500 sq ftsq ft
Meeting RoomsSmall4-6 person : 225 sq ftsq ft
Medium8-10 person : 300 sq ftsq ft
Large16-20 person : 375 sq ftsq ft
Kitchen / Breakout / Collaboration AreasSmall Tea PointSeating for 2-4 : 300 sq ftsq ft
Medium Breakout AreaKitchen Point and seating 6-8 : 500 sq ftsq ft
Large Breakout / Collaboration AreaFull Kitchen and seating area/booths for 20-30 : 1000 sq ftsq ft
ITSecure Comms Room2-4 Racks : 100 sq ftsq ft
Print RoomPhotocopier / PrintersSingle printer and storage area : 150 sq ftsq ft
Storage/Locker AreaSmallAllowance for Number of Employees : 150 sq ftsq ft
MediumAllowance for Number of Employees : 200 sq ftsq ft
LargeAllowance for Number of Employees : 300 sq ftsq ft

Total Estimated Floor Area:

sq ft